Czech Republic

If a child is at home already faced with the Latin alphabet – then show him the Czech alphabet. Let him try to read or learn any Counting. If at least one parent is already in the country and partially mastered the Czech – he can send his family a list of words that they need in everyday life. The Czech language is very close to the Ukrainian and the children who in addition to Russian language know more and Ukrainian, quickly learn the wisdom of the new language. How much time (on average) takes the child out to begin to understand the Czech language and speak it? Visiting a school in the Czech Republic, the baby in a month will understand much of what he said, turning to him, and 50-60% of the information in the classroom (depending on the class of objects). Of course, under the condition that helped him learn the language from the early days. With each subsequent month of the statistics can be improved if parents will not remain aloof from the problems of school children. The child will be free to speak Czech when learn simple words and phrases and, importantly, no longer embarrassed.

If your until the child hesitates to speak with others in the Czech language, let the first reading comics and books, watching cartoons. Vocabulary will grow and sooner or later will result in free speech. A "sound" of language to it already heard enough from the carrier. Adaptation of the Czech Republic