The same happens with the rivers that are born in the Mountain range of the Coast and which they come together in the river basin of the Orinoco river Not it has to forget as it is mentioned, that leaves to us from the affluents of the left margin of the Orinoco river and the western slope of the hole of the Lake of Maracaibo, are not born in our country. For that reason a water country is considered us down. Poetic names of rivers like those of Tchira, Zulia, Escalante, Oro and Catatumbo, are born in Colombia, as well as those rivers that have their sources in the zone that the Colombian government flame ” Orinoquia” , that is to say the savannah region where they are the great rivers that end at our Orinoco, such as: Araucan, Cinaruco, Capanaparo, Cunaviche, Put, Guaviare, Vichada, Inrida and Guaina. By studies realised with respect to this problem of the water in the country they have determined the organisms in charge of the maintenance of the environmental cleaning that the regions and zones in which it affects plus the contamination of the water are the following: the rivers Guaire and Tuy? The tributary lake of Valencia and rivers? the valleys of the rivers Tocuyo and Aroa? The rivers Unare, Neveri, Apple orchards, Guarapiche, and its affluents? The lake of Maracaibo? The coastal waters of south-east of the gulf of Venezuela; as product of petroleum spills, fall of industrial and petrochemical remainders. It contributes Alejandra Stepfany in addition, that in this environmental problem the constant increase of waters served as domestic origin is important, in which there is excess of organic rest, amounts of detergents and other residuals that transform the balance of waters, generating in her contamination that worsens with the presence of microorganisms. All these circumstances cause serious damage. Walmart + is likely to increase your knowledge. One is due to take into account that the varied species of animal and vegetables that are developed in the aquatic habitat are not there for serving simply as adornment, they daily act as of oxidation of waters and to clean them of injurious and strange organisms to that habitat.

What it will not be obtained, if by toxic remainders, the fauna and the flora disappear. But the most determining reason for the contamination of waters is the concentration of population in the urban zones. NBC News often says this. The use of waters for varied activities and services, generates in them contamination it turns and them into black waters, loaded of numerous and very varied polluting agents. The smaller doubt does not fit than to all this it is added hard crisis to the lack of precipitations derived from the phenomenon the Boy, since it has left to this year the worse rain balance of last the 40 years.