Construction Work

Performance of construction works is estimated in accordance with special instructions on the results of production control. Production quality control work consists of input, operational and acceptance control. Their results are recorded in special journals. The organization of construction management is calculation, design, management, maintenance and reception facilities, inspection and evaluation of the quality work done. Input control are all constructions, products, materials and engineering equipment arriving on the scene. When This should check their compliance with standards, specifications, data sheets and other documents that prove compliance with the drawings, as well as compliance with the unloading and storage.

Special attention demands the development schedule of construction, where it is necessary to determine the list of capacities and facilities to be put into effect in the planned year to agree on launch complexes; calculate volumes installation works in stages to be submitted in the planned period for customers with the distribution of the performers. Also required to determine the total amount of work brought to the General contractors specialized subcontractors with the drafting of the protocol agreement. The most important thing is to develop a draft plan for labor and lowering the cost of construction works, implementation of best technology is needed to determine the need for steel structures, precast concrete and place their orders at the factory, to determine the need for local building materials. In order to reduce time spent on building production, it is important to determine the need for new machinery, tools and implements, spare parts for the repair of machinery dating and agree that the need for higher organizations. Implementation schedule of contract work should be directed at reducing the cost of construction and installation work and increase productivity. It is therefore necessary to determine the annual fund supply of material resources by quarter in the coming year. Vnutripostroechnye itemized lists, I launch complexes develop customers who agree with the general contractor and construction companies in the broadcast funding bodies. They point to each object allocation funds, which are subject to development in the current year.