Construction Company

Repair Story offers its customers a complete package of services for arrangement of accommodation: Repair of apartments, flats interior design, renovated apartments, renovation, construction of suburban houses and cottages ‘turnkey’ in Moscow and Moscow region. Arhitekturnoe design, coordination of redevelopment apartment selection of finishing materials, sanitary ware, accessories, decorating, supervision. We perform Various types of repairs – from minor repairs to major building European-quality repair of apartments and cottages. We offer original design project of apartments and cottages design that will satisfy all even the most demanding zakazchika.V the quality of our work on repair of apartments and houses building you will see just by looking photos of our work. Warranty and after-sales service after work performed, we provide after-sale service, not only for his work, but also completed with our equipment and materials.

In the operation of the premises are unavoidable damage. Cleaved edges, abrasions parquet, ‘loosening’ of loops doors, etc. We commit ourselves to after-sales service of your interior. Payment Procedure Payment repair or construction of apartment houses in stages, ie You pay for the next stage of just making sure that the previous work done and in time. All arrangements for the service, solves your project manager. He is responsible for the cleanliness of the facility and stairwell. Work in Headquarters will be carried out clearly on weekdays from 9 to 18 hours. So that your neighbors will not be any complaints to the noise, or to order.