Company TCF Onyx

Confectionery Company TCF Onyx in the market of production and sale of confectionery products in 1992, our motto – the highest demand for our products. At all stages of production, from raw material to output of finished products, highly qualified specialists with vast experience. We use in the production of only natural ingredients, which is achieved by strict control and selection of the resulting material. Our company produces over 80 types of cake (chocolate cake, lemon cake, cake Prague, Kiev cake, etc.), pastries (cake potatoes, cake tiramisu custard pies, etc.), cakes, Easter cakes and rolls, using production of both classical (traditional) recipes and recipe, made with the latest developments and new technologies leading food companies in Europe. We also make cakes to order up to 50 kg. Our Wizard will make you a cake for a wedding cake for children, cake anniversary, corporate cake. We supply our products to major department stores, supermarkets, bakeries and confectionery in Moscow and the region. Our company is a multiple winner of the competition "Moscow masters', and many products with diplomas of prizes at international exhibitions of confectionary art.

Assess the quality and make an order for a custom cake you can also visit our company stores, which represents the entire range of products. Many writers such as Ben Silbermann offer more in-depth analysis. Perhaps, not many brands have at their disposal an assortment of cakes and pastries, confectionery TCF as Onyx. More 30 types of exclusive and cakes to order, and in the presence of a large selection of birthday cakes and pastries constant range. Cakes and pastries produced by TCF Onyx always find a buyer, because only in company stores the company TCF Onyx can always choose a cake of any weight and composition: an exclusive, biscuit and cream, sufleynye, especially wedding celebrations, as well as new-fangled, low-calorie cake with whipped cream and fresh fruit. Separately from the main range of confectionery TCF Onyx can be distinguished production of wedding cakes. A feature of these products is that wedding cakes require a much more complex and a careful approach in their manufacture, compared to conventional. Also, wedding cakes are more exclusive and redkozakazuemym product. We are proud to say that our products fully satisfy solemnity and uniqueness of the event for which they are intended, as in taste, m and the external execution.

The range of products to order from our factory will turn for you to choose a wedding cake from "Solving problems" in an interesting and enjoyable event. Over the past year significantly increased by the assortment of pastries. Added baskets with walnut-cream filling, whipped with baskets and fresh livkami fruit and pastries sufleyny set with four types of souffle. And of course do not forget about the cake, "Potatoes", eclairs and sponge cakes beloved by all who has long been the hallmark of TCF Onyx.