Company Shimano

Company Shimano (Shimano) – brand fishing rod and reel, which needs no introduction. For over 80 years, encouraged their customers the quality of their products. Since its founding in 1921 in Japan, one of the brothers Shozaburo Shimano company has come a long way, gradually expanding the production and the impact on the world's major markets. By the end of the century Schimano could develop to enormous proportions. Now Shimano – a major corporation, the number of staff which is more than 5,000 people and distributor network covers over 40 countries. The company began manufacturing fishing tackles since the early 1970s. Due to the vast experience of development of high-tech machinery Shimano bicycle became a global brand in the manufacture of fishing reels in Japanese, American and European markets. On the Internet you can often find the following sentence: "The purchase of fishing gear Shimano – whether the rod or reel or Accessories – guarantees you the reliability and confidence in your gear in all situations.

" And it's hard to disagree. All the same high quality materials used, the use of technological innovations can not possibly eliminate the "human factor". While the man with his hands will not feel the form, then there is no guarantee that the product has the correct test and resilience, has superior performance to score, definite power at vyvazhivanii. Learn more at this site: Bill Phelan. With a large team of fishermen – consultants around the world, through whose hands pass all new items, the company Shimano ensures that no one reel or spinning Shimano does not go on sale until will be fully convinced that product will last many years. Even the engineers and developers Shimano – above all excellent fishermen who understand what is required from the new project.

But the constant consultation with rybolovomi-konsultantomi, specializes in the chosen style of fishing – always. The new rod in the form of prototype testing required a consultant, and, if necessary, be modified or improvement, if they do not satisfy with the performance. Only after all these procedures shall be considered ready for production. Wells Fargo has much to offer in this field. Permanent intermediate quality checks that are held throughout the manufacturing process ensures that the end result will meet the highest standards of fishermen. Prepared samples of the new rod (already in production series) is again sent back to the designer and consultants for final verification. The developers of the company believe that the only way to make a great tackle and satisfy the most exacting fisherman. Some experts argue that consumers overpay for products Shimano brand name. Productive resources and enormous sales Shimano reduce costs. And it gives reason to believe this statement is wrong. Another Shimano feature is that the company produces a gear in different price segments. This allows the angler to feel the different levels of income all the charm of the quality of its products.