Company Man

The main factor determining the specific speed and strength of the diesel is the average speed Stroke (m / s) st = Sn / 30, where S – stroke, m, n – rotational speed, rev / min. Read more here: Carly Fiorina. On January 1, 1984 entered GOST 4393-82. Here and below, bore and stroke accepted unit of measure – inch. Since 1967, the company "Burmeister and Vailly" the following notation: the first digit – the number of cylinders, following it the first letter – the type of engine (K – two-stroke cross-head), the second digit – the diameter of the cylinder, the next letter – model designation (eg, E or F); the last letter – the appointment of a diesel engine (for example, F-ship reversible for direct transmission). In the ship's diesel engines, "Sulzer" letters stand for: B – Four-, Z – stroke, S – cross-head, T – trunk piston, D – Reverse, N – subsidiary, A – a supercharged, R – Managed release, V – U-shaped, G – with reduction gear, M – with a short trunk piston stroke. The number of cylinders is specified before the letters, the diameter of the cylinder – after the letters. Some marine internal combustion engines that firms have reduced lettering: the Z-series and ZV not put down the letters M, N, A, and a series of RD – letter S; and A.

Legend in marine diesel engines MAN: V – four (re V – V- shaped), Z – stroke, to – cross-head, G – trunk piston, and A – two-stroke naturally aspirated four-or low-boost. C, D and E – two-stroke with the low, middle and high boost, L – four-cooled charge air, and T – with the presence of antechamber, m – supercharged four-stroke air-free. The number of cylinders is specified between the letters K and Z, the numerator – the diameter of the cylinder, the denominator – the stroke. Plants-licensees Company Man (in Rostock, and Halberstadt) Pressurization denoted by the letter A to the digital index: A3 and A5-series-parallel system with boost TURBOCHARGER running on gas, respectively, with a constant and variable pressure. By "Fiat" the notation: S and SS – supercharged the first and second forcing in pi, T – cross-head with the diameter of the cylinder to 600 mm (Z) = 600 mm the letter T may be absent), R – Four-reversible, C and B – modified diesel engines. The first numbers indicate the diameter of the cylinder, the following – number of cylinders. Marine diesel engines GDR: D – diesel, V – four-, Z – stroke, K-with a small stroke (S / D> 1,3), and – reversing, the first digit denotes number of cylinders, the second stroke (see).