Company Instructor

To insist on doing the work every time better. As the professional practices are a period of learning, it is to hope that errors are committed and that some time is taken so that the tasks are realised of correct form. In order to overcome this situation, it is necessary to observe the others to be interested in learning on the march. It is necessary to try to do it every time better and not to leave errors them they are an obstacle or they cause a stagnation of the work. To maintain the communication open.

If you do not know something, pregntalo. If you did not manage to fulfill a task, infrmalo in time. If you are having difficulties, warns. Your supervisor will get angry more if he finds out too much all the previous one behind schedule. Also he tries reunirte with your supervisor frequently and pdele evaluations of your work for students. To share the qualities. Because usually the medical instructor is a young person who is initiating her professional race, she must operate his energy, desire to learn and to make and enthusiasm that perhaps the people with many years in a company, already have lost. These qualities can be from utility in the company. If in spite of all previous, the person medical instructor he is not contracted by the company, is important that he observes that a network of colleagues has gained not only experience but also with whom you must try not to break away from the enemy. Also it is advisable that is fulfilled concrete goals which will demonstrate that besides demonstrating that the medical instructor learned and who performance of efficient form, which will cause that he is memorable for the superiors.