Who searches for a motivation, regular walking, which should pick up a dog. That the dog is man’s best friend, one hears again and again. It is but does not deny that the dogs do well to many people. At least, a dog always holds his master in motion. After all, this is usually forced to walk regularly, and the walk in the fresh air is equally beneficial for dog and owner. With disability or children see a very special friend just old people, but also people in a four-legged companion. These groups did not often even negative experiences with other people. An animal does not ask, however, whether a person is old or has a handicap.

It is in this respect no differences. Older people have already lost often important caregivers and cling to an animal, in this case a dog that gives them new courage to face life. Dogs can be used in the field of disability work as therapy dogs and not only as a Guide dogs. That children who grow up with pets often develop a better personality, as well as a more robust immune system than children where this is denied, is old. Can make the dog everywhere, there are some pieces of equipment, such as, for example, dog leash, harness and the like. Also in the car, the animal must be appropriately secured. Driving with the dog without a fuse on the back seat or even in the passenger seat is doubly irresponsible.

When an emergency stop is both the life of the animal at risk, as well as the occupants. If the dog flies unsecured by the car, he developed a tremendous speed. A dog box, that is ideally mounted in the trunk provides protection. Then, there is no danger that the dog is thrown forward. Also it keeps clean so the vehicle and yourself any bite or scratch marks on the seats and upholstery be avoided, what is another advantage in addition to the mentioned safety aspect. Andreas Mettler