Companies Production

High need for improvement in many areas of performance Serrig published the results of self analysis by company to 30 performance in a white paper FELTEN group, 12.03.2012 – the efficiency of the production shows a great need for improvement in many manufacturing companies. The equity analyses of over 250 companies from the German-speaking world according to has most significant weaknesses in many areas. Also, is frequently not sufficient cost transparency and often lack methods for power control. This cross-product knowledge of a tool-assisted efficiency check of the FELTEN group were determined. He considered a total of 30 different aspects which are relevant for the performance of customer management.

“The software house in his white paper has the overall results performance profile of production in over 250 companies” published. It can be ordered free of charge at FELTEN. The white paper provides a comprehensive benchmark instrument with differentiated remarks the production company the Strength / weakness profiles available, since they may face as their own terms to the average of a large number of other market participants. You can also use the performance analysis, carry out a systematic assessment of own production conditions the represented structure. It is still too much of a benchmarking exercise for the company the own need for action may be necessary to derive from a comparison”, explains Werner Felten, Managing Director of the Software House. Such assistance will as the only internal and thus subjective views on the performance quality often not necessarily all discovered the optimisation potential increasingly important.” “The results of the analyses show very clearly in his eyes that there are significant opportunities for improvement: there is no sufficient accuracy of dates in two-thirds of the surveyed companies and the production management systems do not meet today’s requirements”, Felten is called concrete examples. Also only 31 percent of companies have comprehensive and proven catalogues of measures for improvement initiatives, which can be launched immediately in case of errors.” “The white paper performance of production in over 250 companies” can be ordered free of charge at.