THE prices are the same that in LA page AMAZON, my Commission is discounted by Amazon of the final price of the product. He recalls that they win by sales volume, not by profit margins. b. virtual stores. I have two stores: a hut where I sell books on Finance personal, and in the courtyard of the hut I have a virtual store of Blu-rays. As reminders, Amazon pays me a Commission of 4%.

These online stores have generated me about $290 in profits from March to June this year. Antonio El Patio of Blu-Rays rents cot: I have an apartment in Venezuela that was where I thought live; with the crisis of 2002 I had to rent in March 2003 and has been rented from there. It is the entrance of money extra more constant that I have, and that more time has generated. The problem with this is that inflation and the dollar exchange rate has made that the gains are not many. But as I have always said, at the end of the day add their bit. Consulting: my job as a petroleum engineer has made me gain experience in my field; many people I’ve known throughout my career makes me questions via email about how I could help them with their projects; Sometimes my ideas break the mental block that only someone outside of a project can bring; I’ve helped some blogs on topics that fit them passionate about; others have helped design a plan of diet and exercise on the basis of my articles, some have asked me help to complete a project grade, etc. My grateful friends have told me how they could pay me for that aid.

90% Of the times I do it by friendship, respect and affection towards them; but there are always 10% of the time they insist until I tell them that they can make a contribution to my paypal account. These have been 1$, $ 5, and I have received up to $60 97, and van accumulate. Are you very good at something? Marketing, accounting, how to make friends? You can offer consultancy in the matter, and charge for this. Use your free time hobbies or apply that knowledge. They amazed of how much it can help others. Here is the button that I use then that someone asks me to contribute for my work: there is a source of income that I would like to have in the future: arbiter of sports games, preferably in the League play where my children; that I would give more time to be with them, and be able to earn some money with this. Fill out surveys, writing articles for some magazines (freelance), buy candy vending machines and place them in public places, starting a franchise, take photos at parties, designing Web pages. The range of options exists, only that many times we need to take actions to achieve them. Here are some articles that can help you take action in your life already: my items in page of Articuloz as take consistent actions to achieve the goals in the Blog of my wife Dalia get lots of information about goals and as planning them don’t miss the opportunities to do something in life that really like, generate a money extra and provide the path to your financial security.