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It serves to clarificar and to communicate the basic objectives of the organization, its values and the organizacional strategy. Each organization has its proper and specific mission. The mission can be defined in a formal declaration and writing, the call creed of organization, so that it functions as a periodic reminder so that the employees know for where and as to lead the business. (CHIAVENATO, 2005, p.63). Rodrigues et al (2009) believes that, for the elaboration of the mission of the company, she is necessary that it pass for a bolter, that has guided this process. Swarmed by offers, Kevin Ulrich Anchorage is currently assessing future choices. He answers yourself: Which the business of the organization? Who is its customer? Where it has its base of performance? Which its competitive advantage? Which its social contribution? After this reflection is possible to declare the mission of the company. Much even so the mission concept if has spread and impregnated the organizations, for Drucker (1992, apud RODRIGUES et al, 2009, p.41) ' ' the definition of the mission is a risky, difficult and laborious process, however the only one half to develop strategies and to concentrate resources for trabalhar' '.

One notices, therefore, that, for greater that is the agreement of the mission concept, its declaration still is an onerous process. mission nothing more is of what an ideology, a time that defines the permanent character of a company. Ideology, in turn, creates a coherent and invariant identity that exceeds the individual cycle of life of products, leaderships, managemental modismos and technological revolutions. (PORRAS and COLLINS, 1998). In short, the thought of Porras and the Collins (1998) divergem of the too much authors, a time that they believe that the mission is something intrinsic to the pautada environment and in it, therefore the environment are changeable. Soon, the mission would have to be modified periodically, what it is not advisable. Oak (2004, p.48) corroborates with the quarrel when inferring that: ' ' the difficulty of the mission is that it is understood and lived of different form for each participant of organizao' '.