Coal is often possible to hear and another called "black diamond" it's not casual, wanting to once again show how important it is for us. His value to us a useful mineral, which is very similar in chemical indicators almost identical with the diamond. But actually I want to emphasize the importance of a very valuable fuel, which is an indispensable source of fuel. If you take all the gems of the world, all the gold and silver, and there were no was, all spiritual and material needs of humanity suffered not so much as from the disappearance of coal. Since coal is all … It's hard to imagine what would happen if suddenly ended all deposits of coal, coal mining has ceased.

First, to stop the iron industry and processing, and thus the whole industry as such, as the industry without rail cars can not exist. Would stop all railway and telegraphic communication would be completely, to a large extent be badly damaged and water. All forests in the world would disappear as would be necessary to bring in action is necessary machinery and for heating our apartments. People were forced to live in warm climate countries … However, this danger does not light up – if not for this, then, perhaps, even for the next generations. Laws can not prevent destruction of forests by streamlining their operations and cut down. But no laws can not prevent the extraction of coal, because nature can not replenish stocks destroyed, and developing industry every year consumes more and more weight "of coal – the black diamonds." Coal deposits were formed in very remote times, under very exceptional and unique conditions that are unlikely to be repeated …

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