Coaching – The Art Of Asking Questions

Coaching recently appeared in Russia. The most widely he had received in the business – environment. This is because the coaching – is a powerful and personal development, which makes it attractive for managers at various levels, and the most effective current system of personnel management, benefits of which deserve a separate discussion. But it should be noted that the scope of coaching in any way is not limited to business. Coaching is aimed at human development regardless of what area he wants to develop career, business, personal life, sports, art, etc. – everywhere the use of coaching to be effective. In any field of work with a coach will achieve excellent results. Often people who have never heard of coaching, asked: "What, in fact, is the process of coaching?".

The question is important and relevant. The fact that, under the coaching today often means everything: personal training, personal growth trainings, consulting on various issues and so on. All this, of course, in their own effective, but it's not coaching. Coach not teaches nothing, not a coach provides advice and does not advise, coach only asks questions. That's what a typical coaching session: The client sets the theme for the session and the desired result, then the coach sets questions, and the customer is responsible for them. Find answers to questions the coach allows the client to see the situation from a new perspective, to find a solution that will be in the best situation, to discover a hidden resources earlier.