Many ways exist to promote and to sell the products of which you have acquired the rights of reventa. Good promotion, means good sales almost always. There are several advice on like promoting its products successfully here: (1) Cree " program of afiliados" for its product. If it is looking for abrir a program of affiliates to commercialize its product, we recommended Clickbank.Com to him. To you always you agree to tell to him on an affiliation program since without concerning whichever effort and work it realises, their possibilities never could be compared with the power of hundreds or perhaps thousands of affiliates offering the product by you. (2) Pague to its affiliates between 40% and 75% of the value of its digital product by each sold copy. That it does not matter to pay an apparently so high commission to him in a product that practically does not generate expenses by sale.

The more elevated it is the commission, the more attractive will be the supply for his affiliates and major interest will put in promoting their product. Perhaps it gains three times less with each sale, but probably it sells one hundred times more. A round business. (3) If the product that you acquired for his reventa is of a high cost (U$ 97 or superior) would be good idea in this case of realising a program of affiliates of two levels. This way it is possible that their affiliates also make money of the sales of the affiliates that refer, this causes that the affiliates work even more motivated in their product. (4) At the end of his bill of sale it includes a connection towards his program of affiliates. It does not matter how good can be his bill of sale, a great number of his visitors will not buy for different reasons. Many of them could nevertheless accept to be united to their program of affiliation if before leaving the site they see the corresponding announcement.

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