Clean Skin Absorbed

With an interesting franchise concept has proven clean skin and a promising market position earned. The company serves its customers in the areas of permanent hair removal, tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation in about 50 stores throughout Germany. Years of experience and a proven franchise concept form the basis for the successful market position of the franchisor and its franchisees. The franchise system as a full member of the German Franchise Association was recorded in April 2010. The German Franchise Association protects the interests of the entire German franchise industry at national and international level on the basis of the code of ethics of the Association. To become a full member of the DFV, the criteria of the DFV-system check must be met.

The DFV-system check, which is carried out by an independent rating agency, the Centre for franchising & cooperation (F & C), including the evaluation system concept and strategy includes an extensive examination of the franchise agreement and the franchise Handbook. In addition, one is random the franchise employee satisfaction survey carried out and evaluated. A company complies with the requirements of the DFV, it is entitled to use the DFV certificate for the following three years. The certification is a sign of the seriousness of the franchise system for both partners, suppliers and employees. At the same time gives them a better position in relation to suppliers and other interested parties the franchisors and also provides an objective and neutral self control of the own system. “Franchising means together to be strong the principle of franchising is clear: learning from each other and be together strong!” Grow together, that should be the Community objective of franchisors and franchisees. Also clean skin has recognized this essential basic idea of franchising as a top priority. We have enormously developed further in recent years and can build our strengths.

We have to thank in particular the open communication with our partners and the extensive Exchange of experience, which provides us with new insights”, so Frank Linke, Managing Director of franchise GmbH skin of Cleanfix. The integration of the ideas of the franchisees can be promoted in particular through regular meetings. Nelson also is pursuing this strategy: in addition to supervision visits of the affiliate managers and regional meetings with franchisees, twice held a national networking events in the year. There are informed all franchisees about the latest developments, trends represented, developed new goals and opportunities for improvement, strategies, but especially experiences exchanged. The company clean skin is changed to a franchise system in early 2009 and since then steadily increased the number of its franchisee. The award of the F & C Award Gold in December 2009 and the recording of the German Franchise Association in April 2010 seal the positive development of the clean skin franchise concept.