Christmas Carol

Products as promised but often will not give them customers will be of lower quality products and services. The important thing is that it will not matter them this while they earn money, and this will be. Your company can have the best possible ethical culture and however not succeed. You have to have a strong business plan and financial bases as well as a successful sales and marketing program. You have to meet their deadlines and deliver products as announced by them. The most important thing is that you have to have a service program to consistent client that allows you to treat its customers as its main objective.

Why, then are good ethical practices such important if these do not necessarily lead to success? Ethical practices are adopted because they are correct do you remember Ebenezer Scrooge? l was very successful as a businessman and as a tyrant and miser. Had everything in financial terms, but the rest of his life was empty. Every night he was returning to his mansion and spent time counting your money, that was all that could be done because nobody I wanted to be by her side. Ebenezer was their employees horribly. He constantly haunted them, fought them and shouted them and only gave them free Christmas reluctantly. It took three visits by the ghosts that Ebenezer would finally be given account that most had in life that make money. No doubt the company of Ebenezer provided a good service. Its ethics, however, was somewhat dubious.

The way that treated their customers and employees, as well as the community showed that only he was which benefited. The only way in which he learned was through a great fright. The history presented in A Christmas Carol has its applications in ethical terms. You can have it all, money, a big house, suddenly a boat, but if you don’t have the basic values, sustained on good ethical practices, you will finish one way or another as Ebenezer.

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