Christian Kalkbrenner

It can zoom in horizontally and on the other hand deals with the alternative problem solutions and products of competitors, on the other hand with trends and developments, against which performance could be exchanged. This perspective helps to escape narrow or even price-intensive markets. And she effectively stopped to rest on the achievements of the past. A prime example in this commonly encountered type of corporate governance was the fall of Polaroid and Agfa, which ignored the importance of digital technology. It can zoom in geographically and specifically promote the regional expansion. And of course it can combine these three zooming options. If you have read about Michael Bloomberg already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

At the end of these considerations a new market is emerging each, which is larger than the currently existing several-fold. The company is a first in this market have small market share, then systematically step by step to enlarge it. Thus, the company is required that new products to think ahead on services to expand, rebuild the sales argumentation and to imagine master – and new customers with the advanced, new problem solutions. The amount of time between the detection of the new market and the decision to enter into this, to customize services according to and to send out the sale, is only a few weeks. Often, all resources are available and must be bundled only. From the hectic hustle and bustle of the crisis is a planned, strategic approach in this way. Expected orders in the quantity and the value scale due to the crisis not as large as usual, are probably but the company is progressing significantly in market development, it extends little by little by their own bootstraps out of the swamp and brings in a superior position, it benefited from the sustained. And how comes now the Caribbean on the glacier? A soothing, exotic example of how deals with the existential topic of interchangeability, an entire region is the ski resort of Ischgl in Tyrol.

If the climatic development progresses so, must be reckoned that global warming does not allow for the maintenance of the ski operation in 20 to 40 years. “Therefore there is a series of initiatives that deal with this topic, solutions memory and collect: by downhill bubbles” staircase concepts to a Caribbean bath island in the midst of a huge wave of new opportunities are regularly discussed and thus currently held. Conclusion zooming is a valuable and fast-acting tool, to identify new fields of action that are strategic to the company. In time researching in this way with the own interchangeability, can calmly selecting his alternatives and promptly put them on. Because, the measures can be implemented in due time and under its own power and in this way new growth allow. The book to the Skifully Christian Kalkbrenner high speed marketing in just 7 days to a resounding market concept 220 pages, numerous illustrations, graphs and checklists 24.80 EUR D / 25.60 EUR A / 37.90 CHF UVP ISBN-13: 978-3-938358-98-6 eb-804_High-speed-Marketing.html who has author Christian Kalkbrenner since 1992 that specializes, to advise companies on growth issues, to accompany and to implement operationally the joint concepts. His clients include majority leader, that want to expand their position in the market regardless of whether they are moving in growing or shrinking markets.