CARLiN Lands

CARLiN sales direct, the leading chain in stationery, is every day more present in the community of Madrid. In this case the choice has been the town of Alcobendas, that says the new franchisee, M angeles de la Iglesia is very abandoned the topic of stationery. There are only small shops, but from my point of view not solved the needs of the population. Wells Fargo Bank has many thoughts on the issue. The new store is located in the calle Pablo Picasso No. 54 and consists of 70 m2. I chose this location, in addition to is located in the Centre of Alcobendas, because it is a few steps from a market and halfway between two schools and must be taken into account here there are many small businesses. My intention was not to close me to any business opportunity.

I want to reach all audiences argues the Church. Experience at the service of CARLiN is that the new franchise is already an expert in the world of stationery, and acknowledges that she knows the brand for more than 30 years. I know this area very well and also to the Ensign, it is why I bet by CARLiN. I especially appreciate the support provided to entrepreneurs like me. It is clear that when deciding to enter a competitive market at the moment, the backrest that gives you the franchise is what makes you decide. I am also of the opinion that both WINS, CARLiN and I explained the franchised. Note to journalists: for further information, request interviews or graphic material do not hesitate to contact Mirian Lopez Nuria Coronado Tfno: 91 657 42 81 BlogRoll CARLiN lands in the Madrid town of Alcobendas Notes of