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A good management adapted to the current reality of the effective behavior of companies that allow them to be highly competitive, is fully identified with the scope, implications that generates (BPM) business process management. The current scenarios involve features that require companies that they act to have as well as offer a product demanded, backed with the requirements of the international quality standards, having a consistent, supported a good management company processes that favors him in its operation, competitiveness. You have said, may have to present, BPM Business Process Management, with its cutting-edge technologies, and its advanced approaches has emerged as the key element to provide organizations the agility and flexibility to respond quickly to the new changes and market opportunities. The truth, that when the company has been identified with the scope and impact that offers the BPM, is fully identified as is points out, with a good technology that uses standards for modeling to allow fluid communication and less effort between business processes and the companies of the sector. The graduate program of the speciality of management of the quality and productivity of Faces, University of Carabobo, makes much reference to this support, especially given the reality of the great challenges that the economic scenarios presented and basic knowledge allowing you to properly use this tool, whereas commented by studies of the subject are provided through their subjectsBPM focuses on the articulation of strategic initiatives with business processes, leveraged in technological standards that facilitate their deployment aligned in the daily operations of the organization. Of course, is fully aware when reference is made of the relevance of the BPM, what this brings, more, when the constant changes in the markets, the demands of these need adapting and improving their processes if you really want to compete. It is valid provided by Luis Sanchez, that thinking in business processes means that actions for change that are exercised about the process, are evaluated and planned taking into account the different dimensions that play in the dynamics of the same. .

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