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There are different occasions for the creation of a business valuation. Common reasons include the purchase or sale of an enterprise or a part of the enterprise. Cologne, 08.Dezember, 2009. There are different occasions for the creation of a business valuation. Common reasons include the purchase or sale of an enterprise or a part of the enterprise. Between the owner and the prospective buyers, it may cause different opinions with regard to the amount of the sale price. “The owner, who with great passion” made his life’s work, overestimated the value of his company who wants buyers, however, as a low purchase price pay times.

Business valuation offers a realistic assessment of the current business value the seller and buyer. The result of the evaluation is not the purchase price it provides a basis for the forthcoming negotiations of the sale, so Ingo Kunz, SWOT business prospects GmbH the negotiating partners. Other reasons for the creation of a business valuation can be: leaving a partner from a partnership of corporate takeovers of corporate reorganization mortgaging IPO liquidation creditworthiness checks inheritance creams occasions divorce etc. What methods of valuation should be used? Ultimately, there is not a procedure”for the determination of the fair market value. The method to be used often varies according to the industry and the occasion, i.e. which specific a business valuation is intended to achieve.

Here, up to 5 different procedures, which are weighted differently, included in the evaluation. Procedures can for example be: income approach, market value method, reference value procedure, discounted cash flow method, average method, etc. For the care of the sale of the company or the investments of our clients, the implementation of a business valuation is an important building block in the sales process. FEELING GOOD IS THE BASIS FOR A SUCCESSFUL COOPERATION! Contact: SWOT business prospects GmbH on the fire 10 50996 Cologne (Rodenkirchen) 0221-453-774 88 tel fax 0221-453-774-99 Ingo Kunz (PR) the SWOT business prospects GmbH, headquartered in Cologne, Germany, is the specialist in the areas of corporate sales, acquisitions, investments and the area fit 4sale. The company provides small and medium-sized companies to suitable buyers. The clients are mostly entrepreneurs who want to sell their companies or offer investments as well as prospective purchasers, specifically looking for businesses or investments. The advantages for the entrepreneur at a glance: A contact and project manager during the entire sales process. Many years of experience and qualified staff on corporate transactions of small and medium-sized enterprises. All necessary for the sales process services professionally from a single source. The acceptance of the mandate through SWOT for entrepreneurs is the prospect for a successful transaction. Prospective buyers and Investors will receive comprehensive support in the selection, financing and handling appropriate acquisition projects. For more information see.

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