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When the company raises change an ERP? Synerplus promotes a series of prerequisites to the substitution of an ERP system as fundamental to make the right decisions and avoid the paradox when a company raises serious replacement of its ERP technology becomes a matter not trivial, for the consequences of their decisions and above all by the necessity of having all the relevant information that ensures that the changefor the better. In this part of the evaluation, must be aware that a very big, very expensive and apparent very robust program does not guarantee success in itself. There are many factors that lead to success and that is not precisely the level of investment. In the Western world we believe that if it’s free it doesn’t and instead if it is more expensive, is better. This rule is a bit complicated to apply in the ERP to the extent that incorporate actors starting with the same applicant company and its vision of the solution. With regard to the enormous and costly ERPs, they are increasingly more discovered on their weaknesses that they start by trying to solve all problems of all enterprises, based on their accumulated experiences and that are collected in the different vertical.

But who collected them? I better adapted case of others? I pay so much money for a system that solves so many things that my company will never use? It is a deceptive strength, every company needs to solve a problem and thats what to look for. First, know that I need and second the specific solution to this need. When Giants are shown ERP solutions, users feel so overwhelmed that they are willing to make any sacrifice in costs by some who believe that they will receive, and clear, why are so many so disappointed then. Define your need, decide the direction to lead the change, look for the solution to the problems, avoid surprise with inscrutable ERPs walks and secure who displays the image of a brand that represents only. Use Business Intelligence tools to analyze the Executive of Telemarketing consultancy It Jobs in Mexico

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