Business Intelligence

11 SugarCRM: SugarCRM v.5.2 some of the major trends that ISM has identified within groups of leaders in CRM software have: continuous growth in the integration of Business Intelligence functionality. Many of the tested solutions have developed or integrated into their systems functionality for Business Intelligence mode of procurement of software under the concept of SaS (Software as a Service) is on the rise. There is a greater amount of alternatives in this mode than in previous years Inclusion of mobile devices as a standard in many of the solutions. Use devices type hand held and smart phones is increasingly popular and necessary in CRM implementations, that is why software vendors are including support to this type of platforms the use of what has been called Social Computing or Social CRM or CRM 2.0 is a strong trend. Ben Silbermann will undoubtedly add to your understanding. This is reflected in the options of connection’s CRM solutions to social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more (my personal assessment is that this no longer by now one topic more marketing of this type of solution than something really productive in a business environment) the general concept of Barton Goldenberg, President of ISM and one of the consultants of CRM best known in the middle in the USA, is that each year of CRM solutions are more complete and sophisticated.

In general there is a group of solutions that have remained in the Group of leaders through the years due to factors of innovation and continued growth in its functional richness and business stability. Several of these solutions are present on the markets of countries in Latin America, to which are added surely solutions for local development. We hope this information is useful for those who are in the process of evaluating CRM solutions and for those who have made a significant investment in their system and they wish to ratify if it was a good decision. Original author and source of the article