Business Clothes For Men

During telephone contacts only factor determining the image of a man is his voice, and correct speech. And in personal contacts such a factor would be a person’s appearance and behavior. Clothing in people’s lives plays a very important role in determining our success and status. Clothes, ‘says’ a lot, and in particular about our professionalism. For the business person is very important to understand the way the garment is formed by image. And not just aware of it, and be able to demonstrate.

After all, a business man – an example for many people in his entourage. The world of menswear is almost – it’s like the bottom of the deep ocean. And that floor is not known to many of the inhabitants, living there. Reasons are the same – a revolution, destruction, war, and after – the fragmentation of generations and knowledge in this area. So, briefly on men’s suits – as they are, they correspond to their surroundings as they should sit.

In This article discusses the tailcoat and tuxedo. Frock coat – the traditional men’s suit, having tails behind. The difference: a clear direct line of the shoulder, fitted silhouette, high head sleeves, lapels English collar, which trimmed with satin. Frock coat does not close. Color – usually black, sometimes with a light stripe. The main thing – do not overdo it. On pants – satin stripes, such as trim lapels. Tuxedo – a suit with an oblique shoulder line, with a low, slightly deflated armhole, which allows you to move very freely. (Not coincidentally, this suit has emerged as a ‘smoking jacket’, that is, for the rest.) Silhouette line, rarely tapering downwards. A distinctive feature of this dress – satin Shalev collar and buttons, covered with satin. Often tuxedos are black, rarely white. That black tuxedo ‘guilty’ in that decades of our young people get married in black suits, what is puzzling people knowledgeable, especially foreigners, as is traditional in European etiquette black suit – the ritual and is meant only for funerals. But the situation is changing, and the black suit was the hallmark of every successful businessman. This is a real business suit. Shirts tuxedo and tails are the same, pure cotton (no synthetics), very dense, special. These costumes necessarily need waistcoat and butterfly the same color – black (when prompted for the Black Tie) or white (when prompted for a White Tie), rarely colored. This, as you already understood, dress-code. On it you can learn more from other sources. To coat jacket should be double-breasted – two rows of buttons and is fastened completely unlike other jackets. For tuxedo jacket should be single-breasted. But it can be replaced by a broad belt of folded satin, special design, are folds it up. Preferably, choose it in color Butterflies. For tuxedo tails and shoes should be varnished. But now, etiquette does not require strict enforcement of this condition: you can use any perfect shoes on the parquet (thin leather) soles. Cylinder – a coat, hat – a tuxedo. Dress wisely.

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