Brand Promoting

Branding begins long before production of the commodity itself, and can last several years. However, you must first realize that you should not throw money on the creation and promotion of the brand, which is based will be put low-quality goods. Brand will act on the consciousness of the buyer only when the contents of the 'package' will be guaranteed the stable quality and brendovskaya legend will not be in conflict with the sulfur reality. Low-quality goods home buyer can buy only once, for a second time to spend on it will not force anyone. There are two ways of branding: independently and with appropriate firms (as a rule, advertising and PR-agencies). The first way allows you to save some penny, but it needs some effort on the working of the concept of branding. The function of advertising and PR-agencies is being built in this case to embodiment of ideas ready.

Good impact branding on the principle of 'the director himself' shows current position on the market domestic brands. Determine the value of the brand is very difficult, and financial documents companies find it impossible through connectedness with other intellectual assets such as patents, technologies, experience and production systems distibyutsii that have developed for some time. However, experts are trying to assess the value of the brand and most trusted in the world uses the method of the American company Interbrand. Using it is derived, for example, the cost of brand Coca-Cola – $ 83,3 billion, which is 60% of the total market value of the company. However, using this methodology for calculating the cost of domestic brands is very difficult. Indeed, the unstable economic and social situation in the country, as well as 'kids' ages brands do not allow to establish the necessary payment options. At the same time, all the experts, at least a little involved in this trade (whether of art), unanimously assert: branding – it's very expensive pleasure.

Register a brand is not possible, because it complex, deeply psychological, the notion that existed at the subconscious level buyer. Registered trademark. According to the Patent Office, the costs for making an application for trademark registration today average 3000 rubles. Application for registration in any 3 classes (in general, their 84) International Classification of Goods and Services cost domestic producers in 1000 rubles. Each additional class costs 500 rubles. Administrative 'conversations' can last 2-3 months, the waiting list for a certificate of registration – 2-3 years. What benefits does the brand over ordinary commodity: allows you to receive additional benefits; simplifies the choice by the consumer, provides an emotional connection with customers, identifies the manufacturer and other such goods among the goods of competitors; easy way out by the manufacturer related markets, creates the preconditions for successful development of new lines of business.