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Your case as salesman is still less dramatic since if you commit an error during your presentation of sales this can llevarte lose the order and the cuasi-orders do not pay commissions. It secures to More Sales Using a List of Verification For your Presentation If you want to be successful gliding your appointments to close more sales your list of verification it will have to include: What you want to obtain? What is the objective of the visit (in writing). A list with the questions that you are going to do and the reasons to realise them. What you want to obtain? Something to show that it adds much value and stop emotional impact. Paln of attack to cover the main preoccupations and objections that delays to receive. The main strengths of your product, service and company in front of your main competitors, as well as the history of credibility of your company.

Because we are better? main benefits and the specific problems that these solve for your client. An analysis of yield of the investment considering whatever is the value in money that your client obtains as saving or gain on the investment in your product or service. The strategies of sale closing that you try to realise and its logical sequence. To anticipate the surprises that you can hope and a strategy to contrarestar them (Plan B) Here recordarte is important that you are flexible and you adapt to the possible changes quickly. If after five minutes of presentation your client wants to buy. Olvdate of the rest of the presentation, closes the sale and takes the order. If the client wants to make businesses with you of planned form different from flexible and ajstate to the change. He remembers the great salesmen always follow two simple rules: They never realise a visit of sales with a taker of decisions without planning the visit first.

They never give a quote to which it is not the one who makes the decision from purchase without to have realised a presentation of sales carefully glided with this person. These preparation to already close more sales? What delays? It plans your next visit of sales and closes more sales. Allowed the partial or total reproduction of this article as long as the data of the author and the connections of the image and the Blog are conserved.