The BISW GmbH at the trade fair for sanitation, heating, air-conditioning and renewable energy in Essen we offer qualified personnel, seminars and training courses in Germany and European countries such as Austria and the Switzerland. These qualifications, especially for people with a completed vocational training and qualifications such as the craftsman, technician, or a completed study of the corresponding specialization are interesting. A training possibility also for people with an above-average knowledge of the respective industry. Experts In the framework of the expert training you get to know the legal bases of the expert system in Germany. Another focus of the training is in the creation of opinion.

The seminar is rounded out with concrete guidance and support in the area of marketing and sales.? The conclusion to the experts in the respective field of own qualification entitled one, to act. Facility Manager the term Facility”referred to sum up all land, buildings, equipment, machinery, utilities and installations that are required for the production, creation of services and ensuring all processes within properties or all properties. The management of these facilities”includes the holistic approach to the planning, construction, operation, control, the process of freezing, whose constant optimization, the results-oriented management and marketing.? Energy card issuer include many households heating and hot water costs the largest item of expenditure in addition to the rental and operating costs. No or very little reliable information about the energy consumption of their house or their House still exist most of the tenants and property owners. The energy efficiency of a property of one of the decisive criteria for the purchase or the lease will be in the future. With this training is entitled energy performance certificate as a technician and master craftsmen for residential buildings create. Professionals such as building legitimate template, architects or engineers are also entitled to issue energy certificates in buildings. Have we aroused your interest? Questions regarding our training and coaching woman Stillger, Executive Assistant is available, Monday through Friday from 8:00 until 17:00 calling 02151-1564213 personally at the disposal.