BGB Insurance

Two important features of the M & A have insured for liability claims usually, especially in the personal liability insurance fear the insurer does not pay it. In many cases it comes actually before that insurers take likes plenty of time to edit a damage or even to regulate. While it also is not uncommon before the policyholder or for questions also injured love takes time. The insurance contract law prescribes a damage report within a week! Policyholders should observe this time limit. By private liability insurers sometimes reject a regulatory and yet they have done. It’s called a passive protection function.

Party that caused the damage should consider but that is by no means a personal liability freedom means a rejection of money. A rejection to the cash benefit will be decided on the basis of the applicable insurance and liability conditions. In most cases however, an agreement can be achieved with the insurer. Andreas mumber, GF M & A:, we advise for legal reasons alone a private liability insurance to apply. Damage can go very fast even into the thousands or even millions.

The liability as \”polluter pays\” is clearly regulated according to 823 BGB. The liability is unlimited, maximum but up to the established amount of damage. Therefore, we recommend an insured sum of at least 5 million euros. But 10 million euros would be better. We also recommend the addition of a demand failure cover to insure with. The demand loss coverage comes to bear, if the polluter has no own liability insurance. As equity claims may be asserted under certain conditions. \”Representing victims of mumber & Associates serves to assist of the victim in a civil liability damage whatsoever. The company thereby representing the legal interests of the injured party. The M & A accompanied the clients and corresponds to the insurer until the settlement of the claim.