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The Bad Sponsor: Greed makes people forget their ethical and moral commitments, those values that were raised and surely as I did in my family, you were served in small portions demonstration, by grandparents and their parents. Listening out there that no money changes people they reveal what they really are. This is probably quite true, since many people are so obsessed with the potential of a business that properly rather than do it as if they were delivering pizza and charging double. Network Marketing is not delivery is not direct sales, sales are not casual or quick, no sale, the sponsor will work a lot, but much farther than the moment that manages to join a new leaflet, is more I could say that just begins there a real commitment. We, I, as a sponsor, I have an obligation to inform each and every aspect of the business until his doubts disappear and become the fuel that will move this engine is already seeing profits in the business (or told that you can achieve) The multilevel sponsors are bad people with a total detachment from family and ethical values are “machines factorizations” who see people as a client you must sell something to totally forget them. Bad sponsors forget their obligations and use the real business benefits to create entrepreneurs who are frustrated lost and do not know what and how they must do to follow.

I feel indignant because inside those mails I receive every day I have to read repeated stories of how many people saw their expectations and also betrayed their trust. Moreover, in some cases I had to take responsibility to train them and guide them from losing their commissions, but more than anything to avoid another entrepreneur frustrated, to avoid further staining the image of the multi-level on the Internet that unfortunately will remain contaminated by such persons in addition to being bad business sponsor’s are parasites to the companies that they trusted their image to new people. You probably will already have met people who tell you that this company is good and then meets another says it is a scam or just the top wins, etc. These opinions are subjective because they are created from the experience of each of us as members, but the truth and the heart of the matter is usually to dig deeper into the experience that each has had on those businesses, we always find or badly sponsor or poor advice on how you should conduct business. The multilevel have great advantages, they continue to grow, and this post is basically created to remind all multilevel also have benefits (which usually always real) should understand that their job is not to create sales, but only two top teams , three, ten members who can replicate the system best, educated and trained, that gentlemen, is a must.

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