Bachelor Graduates

German College offers numerous training opportunities that new Bachelor’s degrees that are introduced gradually at all German universities or are already established, please to both students and companies great popularity. However, due to the shortened periods of study Bachelor’s degree graduates with other conditions in the profession as a diploma or master’s degree graduates go, usually five or six years studying. Company are pleased though the young professionals, but is the trade journal according to pages the company challenged, that many State universities have hardly tailor-made packages for appropriate training for a Bachelor’s degree. Bachelor’s graduates also criticize the selection of setups for your Bachelor’s degree according to Handelsblatt. Although two out of three undergraduate students would first decide on the profession, but wanted to many attach later such as a master’s or specifically to complete training at the college level. Also the 2009 Master study “shows the interest of German graduates after an additional academic degree for aspiring professionals and executives. So, one is an important issue for around 89% of the students in Germany the acquisition of qualifications based on a first degree.

Reasons for this are the individual professional interest and the view to have deficits in entrepreneurial thinking and acting. However, missing according to Stifterverband fur die Deutsche Wissenschaft universities still have incentives to develop training courses that fit the needs of the companies and of Bachelor’s graduates. Numerous in-service training opportunities at the German University the German College for prevention and health management has already reacted to the lack of appropriate training opportunities for university graduates. So graduates have the possibility of a Bachelor / diploma or master’s degree, with an academic degree continue to qualify. Direct “continue to study after the first academic degree: master in prevention and health management that enables the new course”, which starts the winter semester 2010/2011 at the German University.