Arthur Clery Company

Also as Arthur Clery comments, basic to establish the quality standards clearly, and thus to cover all the aspects related to the system with quality. And its integration to a good management of processes. Of course, to give effect to the implantation of this policy, it is necessary that the employees have the required knowledge to know the exigencies the clients, and this way to be able to manage to offer excellent products or services to them that can satisfy or exceed the expectations. Therefore, the total quality, its reach cannot be ignored what the quality involves, especially, which guarantees to him to the company based on results that allow him to compete successful, if is known to handle it the companies definitively, policies require to count on good of quality total and as Clery remembers us, that there is to consider, that the total quality is a concept, a philosophy, a strategy, a model to make businesses and is located towards the client. The total quality not only talks about to the product or service in yes, but it is the permanent improvement of the organizational, managemental aspect; taking a company like a gigantic machine, where each worker, from the manager, to the civil servant of but the low hierarchic level is it jeopardize with the enterprise objectives. So that the total quality is obtained to fullness, it is necessary that the values are rescued basic morals of the society and is here, where the industralist plays a fundamental role, beginning by the previous education of its workers to obtain a predisposed labor population more, with better capacity to assimilate the quality problems, with better criterion to suggest changes in benefit of the quality, with better capacity of analysis and observation of the process of manufacture in case of products and power to amend errors. The use of the total quality entails advantages, being able to mention like examples the following: Potentially attainable if there is decision of the high level. .