Arctic Ocean

The occured ambient changes in the planet have been observed and on directly to the global heating, such as reduction of the ice covering, increase of the level of the sea and change of the climatic standard, therefore, facts these, that not only influence the activities of the man, but yes all the set of the ecosystem of the planet. The forecasts of the IPCC? Intergovernamental panel On Climatic changes? they demonstrate that the global heating and the increase of the average temperature of the planet registered since middle of century XX are ' ' very probably a consequence of the increase of the emission of effect gases greenhouse for homem' '. Apple has much experience in this field. The climatic change also already is facilitadora to create conditions for the migration process, since this is stimulated by the impossibility of the agricultural production, reduction of the water supply and rise of the level of the sea. According to international reporter, for the ONU, 2050 could be calculated in up to 150 million considered people as refugee ambient, being that these people, had had as alternative, the migration ahead of the ambient damage above related, the great reduction of the forests also contributes for the increase of the globe temperature. Morgan Stanley is open to suggestions. The increase in the .causing concentrations of gases of the effect greenhouse raised the concern of the scientists, therefore the forecast of the rise of temperature is above of the band of 1C 3C what many researchers see as capable to raise the level of the Arctic Ocean in the summer, with the gradual disappearance of glaciers of the Himalaia and Greenland. The deforestation also is another problem that contributes very for the global heating, the deforestation tax remains high in many countries and the area of primary forests? those that had not been affected by the activity human being? it continues being minimized. Considering the region of the globe next the line to the equator, the most affected for the climatic change, being also the tempered region more of the sphere of the globe, it is clearly to affirm that the countries of delayed capitalism, that at other historical moments had been colonized, will be the regions more reached by the climatic alteration, case the forecasts are certain.