Arbitration Is Better Than The Law Courts

Our country has been subject to several laws, most recently and in force is Law 60/2003 of 23 December, which gives new impetus as effective route, far faster and less expensive to obtain justice firm while power as a solution is to download their work for the courts, following a recommendation 12/86 of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe. The law governing the arbitration institution to administer justice by empowering public-law corporations and other entities as a guarantee that there will not profit, or other interests that constrain their work. It is in this context that fits this institution has been and is, today, institutional reference. Within the arbitral jurisdiction, there is institutional and private arbitration. The institution may be generalist or specialist and, in turn, systematic or not: The justice administered by specialized arbitration systems on specific issues, which guarantee citizens the uniformity, consistency and impartiality in all its processes.

Arbitration systems are real and effective embodiment of the law, implementation through them with specific legal documents and processes, which are what give the solution to every problem for which they are intended. Arbitrate justice of the Court develops a full written, through documentary evidence, without the need nor the presence of the parties or, much less, their representation through any legal professional (lawyer or solicitor). This results, of course, the cost savings and time. Finally, regarding the obligation to comply with its resolutions (or arbitrate awards), and therefore its effectiveness, we note that the Arbitration Act itself provides the subject: “The final award the effect of res judicatory and before him fit only seek review as set out in the Code of Civil Procedure for final judgments. ” This means that the arbitrate award amounts for all purposes a final court decision. In short, arbitration is a jurisdiction with which you get the same legal effect as in an ordinary court, but much more effective practice and above all, represents a significant savings of time and money.