Advertising Companies

In order to achieve maximum results in an advertising company in the catalog should be the most effective use of the properties directory. We give several recommendations for the clients directory. Catalog allows you to upload a company logo. Perhaps the visitor had seen somewhere and have your logo remembers your brand. Description of the organization should be brief, but the maximum informative.

The visitor should get from the description of all the information about your business. Contact details should be the most complete, select all the possible ways in which the visitor can contact you contact. Do not think that such an attribute, like ICQ could be of no interest to the visitor, by contrast, can be the best way for him to establish contact with you or your salespeople. Important is a link to a web site or page even if your partners or suppliers. Catalog allows you to create price lists of products or services with the ability to display photos. Be sure to fill in the price list of your products or services. The visitor will have to visually assess your proposal. In addition to creating the price list, catalog allows you to create image galleries.

Put back the best products. As the saying goes, better a picture is worth a thousand words 100. The most effective advertising tool in the catalog is the placement of banner ads that appear randomly in the catalog and promote transitions to your webpage. Attractive banner necessarily interested in visitor. It is proved that quite often, visitors are looking for in a directory information, and thanks to banner ads, learn more about the services in parallel in other areas that can interest them in the near future. When you register in the directory, your organization falls on 'new firm' with a brief description that appear on all pages of the catalog. As new customers are lost and their position in the end they disappear from the section and found them to be either a local search engine, or browsing the categories and sections manually. Five companies with a maximum attendance of the account and having the highest rating in the directory are in the top five 'Popular companies' located also on all the pages catalog, which further increases their ratings. To get to the top five, also allows the advertising company in the form of banner ads. Catalog provides detailed statistics: account the number of views, number of clicks on the link to your website, banner impressions, clicks on banners, CTR banners, comments and ratings left by visitors. After analyzing the information, You will be able to more effectively use all the features directory. We invite you to register in the directory. Registration