Administrative Topics

Administrative Science in recent years has led to new approaches, scopes on modern managerial topics that determinants are for those who are identified with them know them, especially management. In order to collaborate with stakeholders on these topics have designed a questionnaire that covers 10 questions by answering one in each delivery in these deliveries, being its total 10. We trust them in something will collaborate with the information necessary to delve into relevant to each topic. Stakeholders can with the information provided to investigate them and increasing their content question analyze the use of outsourcing in the Venezuelan company, define it and highlight their background, scope, impact and obstacles. How could use tweeter definition the term outsourcing translated into the Spanish means use of external sources of supply of services that can span from the hiring of cleaning services to a specialized company, through the tendering of works by a public body to transfer from a process or an area full of business of an organization.

Under this meaning was adopted by the managerial world: is the situation in which a company delivery to a third party the management of processes which were previously done internally (sub-contracting). Background the outsourcing or sub-contracting is a practice that dates back to the beginning of the modern era. This concept is not new in Latin America, since many competitive companies perform it as a business strategy. At the beginning of the post industrial era begins competition in global markets, and that is when companies decide that others assume responsibilities, because it seemed not enough their capacity for service to accompany growth strategies. In industrialized countries the adoption of this work tool has increased considerably in recent years. In Venezuela for 1991, when several companies consulting and technological services the they were introduced 10 years ago, no statistics existed for that date on its evolution which showed little national development of that market.