A History Of Bandits

About 390 miles south of Mendoza City is an area of incredible natural beauty; one of the points of greatest interest for tourism in Mendoza, the castles of Pincheira, at the Department of Malargue. It is an area where natural erosion has created fanciful shapes, which makes it resemble a castle from the middle ages, with its towers and its Palisades. The area is ideal to spend a beautiful day of fishing, camping, horseback riding, or simply delve into incredible lined Mall to walk around and be in closer contact with the rich biodiversity of the area. The castles of Pincheira owe their name to a curious history that involves a group of bandits brothers which devastated alike both Chilean and Argentine, between 1818 and 1832 territory. The Pincheira brothers were realistic, and fighting for the Royalist cause. Additional information is available at William McKinnon.

The biggest of them fought with the rank of corporal in the famous battle of Maipu. When the Royalist cause was defeated, and Chile was in the process of becoming an autonomous country, some of the brothers joined the guerrillas. The gang of followers who cemented in lathe to the Pincheira brothers reached 1000 fighters on horseback. The guerrillas made an alliance with the Pehuenches, a people originally from the area, and were devoted to systematically attack the southern part of the province of Mendoza. Thereafter, brigands of Pincheira became a real scourge, coming to attack the provinces adjoining Mendoza: Santa Fe, Cordoba and San Luis, reaching the area of Sierra de la Ventana in Buenos Aires province. General Bulnes finally put an end to the threat of these outlaws, extinguishing the last vestiges of rebel groups. The province of Mendoza offers an incredible mix of natural sites, and beautiful cities to visit, shop, walk and know museums and other points of interest, as his capital city.